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Wine Enthusiast’s Top 8 Decorative Wine Racks

1. Metal-edge Morgon

The adaptable interior features a 52-bottle shelf and slide-out bottle storage for $2,195. The other side has shelves that can be adjusted to accommodate a series of bottles, glasses, and bar utensils.

2. Swedish Wine Rack

The 126-Bottle decorative wine racks are now available for just $369, and it’s more sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly than ever before. The cutting and sanding were done by hand, so the color and grain were uniforms throughout. Due to their minimalist design and adaptability, they are at home in every part of the house.

3. Corsica Wine Rack

With their elegant design, these decorative wine racks can store up to 36 wine bottles for only $295. Beautiful bottle displays are within reach for collectors thanks to the Horizontal Steel Rods; they need to be Assembled. It can be put on the floor or hung if affixed to the wall.

4. Jumbo Bin

The newly improved Jumbo Decorative Wine Racks, for only $249.95, are not only more sturdy but also more aesthetically pleasing. They can hold 100 bottles—crafted by hand to ensure a uniform hue and grain. There is a grid-shaped bin above, a diamond-shaped bin, and a triangle bin at the bottom of the square, providing convenient storage for your wine collection.

5. Label View Wine Rack

The wall-mounted decorative wine racks hold 12 bottles and cost only $179, making it the perfect way to showcase your collection. The almost 3-foot diameter of this one-of-a-kind label-view design makes it possible to make any collection of gorgeous bottles into an art piece for your home or office.

6. Steel Wine Rack

The most recent 7-shelf rack is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely sturdy, modern, and capable of holding over 160 bottles for only $139.95. It was designed to be used in both the pantry and the kitchen, and its sturdy construction of chrome-plated steel ensures both modern aesthetics and long-lasting use. Only minimal effort is needed for assembly.

7. Stackable

The eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting decorative wine rack kit holds 26 bottles for only $59.95. The cutting and sanding were done by hand, so the color and grain were uniforms throughout. There are reinforcement braces provided for extra sturdiness.

8. Bottle Urban

The 8-bottle decorative wine racks are hand-forged from iron and are styled like wall artwork, making them ideal for display behind a bar, above a workstation, or in a series of racks in a pantry. Keep eight bottles of your go-to wine within arm’s reach for convenient access while dining for only $39.99.

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