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6 Armoires That Will Give Your Home An Elegant Upgrade

Armoires are available in many different designs, styles, and sizes. This gives you plenty of options to match the right one to your home décor and storage needs. If you’re looking to take your space from run-of-the-mill to luxurious, here are 6 armoires that will give your home an elegant upgrade:

1. Lodi Bar Center

Lodi Bar Center is a wonderful way to add either an accent or a centerpiece to a room, depending on the height and style of your armoire. This lovely piece features beautifully handcrafted rosewood doors and drawers, and two glass doors that can be used to store bottles or other small items (they do not swing).

2. Lodi Bar Center That Has A Wine And Beverage Cooler

This Lodi Bar Center has the same beautiful rosewood finish and two glass doors, but this one also has a wine cooler. This model is a great choice for those who like to store their favorite bottle of wine or other beverages in the armoire, out of the way and protected from heat.

3. Mesa Sliding Barn Door Bar Center

Mesa is a great way to add both style and function to a space. This stunning piece features a gorgeous, antique barn door design, which allows you to attach the doors vertically or horizontally. The doors have wooden handles and look incredibly classy, with a natural finish that will not stand out like some other pieces might.

4. Mesa Sliding Barn Door Bar Center

Do you like the vintage look of barn doors, but prefer a lighter color? This beautiful piece is made with a driftwood finish and has the same beautiful design as the one listed above. It has four glass doors that open in front, which makes it easy to use for storage or display.

5. Mesa Sliding Barn Door Bar Center

This beautiful piece, like the others in this series, has a classic design and is made of wood so it will never dull with time. The doors can be attached horizontally or vertical, depending on where you want to display your bottles or other items.

6. Mesa Sliding Barn Door Armoire That Has A Wine Cellar

This Mesa Barn Door Armoire is another example of that beautiful barn door design, but this model has two glass doors that open in the front. The doors are made to be easily removed with a cupboard handle or other simple twist, so you can access your bottles without having to dig through the entire contents of your armoire.

In conclusion, these storage armoires give you a lot of design options and feature plenty of great storage options for all your wine and beverage needs. You’ll feel like a guest at an elegant hotel when you use any of these pieces in your own home!

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