6 Eternal Frames To Hold Your Images Forever

If you’re like most people, the times of physical frames and images is fast becoming a lost art. And while that is sad, it doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto that iconic look for your home. Below, we’ve curated 6 incredible frames that are WIFI-connected, meaning that you’ll always be able to display your incredible memories without needing to head down to the local camera shop.

#1. Smith

Starting with the original Aura photo frame, Smith is available in Black Onyx and Platinum Rose. This incredible frame comes in a hand-drawn pattern that marries technology and industrial design to make something truly beautiful and long lasting.

#2. Carver Luxe

Apparently a favorite by Oprah Winfrey herself, the Carver Luxe is a super sleek frame that excels in its modernistic design. It has a 10.1″ HD high-res display that can be set up in only a few minutes. It’s available in Gravel and Sea Salt.

#3. Mason

Sharing its namesake with an age-old tradition, the Mason frame, at first glance, appears as being carved entirely out of stone. This balanced and incredibly simplified design can be displayed in a rotated landscape or portrait setup and works for the iOS and Android.

#4. Carver

The smaller and more minimalist version of the Carver Luxe, what this incredible option lacks it makes up for in meticulousness and versatility. Simply put, it doesn’t matter what your home looks like, this can go there and not skip a beat.

#5. Mason Luxe

The Mason Luxe does everything that the Mason does and more! This frame comes in a 2K 9.7-inch display that offers top-notch clarity along with incredibly vibrant and interactive colors.

#6. Buddy

And who could forget about our lovely pets? Made ideally for those pet lovers out there, Buddy offers a side-by-side photo pairing along with an adjustable sideshow and a “Biscuit” color that is meant entirely to celebrate your furry friend, whether it’s a feline or Fido.

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