6 Incredible Frames To Encapsulate The Coming Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and that means family get togethers and reunions that may be long overdue. For those that want an beautiful frame to encapsulate those moments, these frames may just be what you’re looking for.

#1. Carver

Entirely WIFI-connected, this frame allows you to display and share all of your favorite photos and videos as easily and simply as possible. With its minimalist appearance, this can go for just about any home regardless of its size or setup.

#2. Carver Luxe

The Carver Luxe does everything that the Carver does and more. Not only is it larger and offered in high-resolution, but it has free unlimited cloud storage, meaning all your photos are safe and protected from being lost.

#3. Mason

A freestanding frame, the Mason has the appearance of a frame carved entirely from stone. This frame is perfectly balanced while given a 9-inch 1600×1200 HD display to present your images in the highest fidelity.

#4. Buddy

Buddy is perfect for those that love their pets and want to show everyone else they love them too. These frames come in an adorable gift-ready box that will let you know that we know just how important your furry family member is to you.

#5. Mason Luxe

The Mason Luxe does everything that the original Mason does but only more. It includes a free Aura app on the Android and iOS while also hosting several speakers so you can play videos with sound as well.

#6. Smith

Last on our list, Smith is our flagship frame that does just about everything right. Not only does it share the same HD image quality as the others, but its design is hand-drawn from stainless steel, giving it a truly memorable look you won’t be able to ignore.

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