6 Quality Logo Genres You Can Immediately Jump Into

One of the biggest challenges for a business is coming up with a quality logo. For most people, creating a logo is an all around stress, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or have the proper tools to do it. Thankfully that doesn’t have to be the case. Below, are 6 different and super useful logo genre ideas that you can jump into almost immediately.

#1. Photography Logos

If you’re someone that has always had a penchant for photography and putting together your own business, this is the perfect opportunity for you. A logo for your photography business not only distinguishes you from the competition, but makes you immediately a standout at a glance.

#2. Jewelry Logos

For the avid fan of luxury brands, those that are huge proponents of jewelry can really make themselves a class-act with a recognizable logo. Sure, it’s not going to be quite as flamboyant as many of the others, but that won’t stop you from putting your own unique style to it.

#3. Restaurant Logos

Easily a tried and true option for most people, the restaurant logo has always been worth serious consideration by anyone seriously looking to get their business started or to build a proper brand identity, whether you’re a small sandwich shop or a world-class dining facility.

#4. Fitness Logos

Perfect for distinguishing yourself as a personal trainer, dietician, gym owner, or anything dealing with fitness, a brand logo makes you immediately eye-catching compared to the rest of your competition. The more specific you are, the more people will see you as a leader in your field.

#5. Spa Logos

There is also the cousin of fitness logos, which is the Spa Logos. These are great for people looking to do a full-body relaxation spa or just a simple massage parlor or bathhouse.

#6. Business Logos

Lastly, for those that are interested in giving their business a look and a “face”, your logo is something that really should be focused. This is true if your a legal firm, a dental practice, or even a trash pickup location.

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