8 Models For Wedding Invitations That Are Not Boring

There are so many different designs for wedding invitations that it is nearly impossible to pick a model outright. Depending on what you have in mind and what type of style you like, you may discover that you like several different designs. If you do not want to spend too much time on invitations, we have 8 examples of wedding invitations that are modern and popular.

8. Elegant Edge Wedding Invitations

The Elegant Edge wedding invitation model is exactly what the name suggests and that is elegant but a touch of modern design. The top and bottom edges have rose gold accents while the rest of the invitation has a blue color that makes it elegant.

7. Vintage Hollywood Wedding Invitations

If you are looking for a more uncommon model for wedding invitations, the Vintage Hollywood model certainly stands out. It is inspired by the geometric text screens used in old movies. With a dark brown background and a yellow font, the invitation is certainly different but in a good way.

6. Vintage Toile Wedding Invitations

The Vintage Toile wedding invitation is an excellent choice if you love hand draws and sketches. Made to resemble a drawing on a white sheet of paper, the invitation has an authentic vibe to it that makes it stand out when compared to classic invitation models.

5. Tropical Shapes Wedding Invitations

Not everyone likes a classic invitation. However, wedding invasions should be a reflection of the character and preference of the bridge and groom. For this reason, you should not be afraid to get something that may be different but you enjoy such as the Tropical Shapes model.

4. Sparkling Romance Wedding Invitations

The Sparking Romance wedding invitations is a model that is impossible not to love. The blue color, white font and glittering gold accents on the top edges makes it both elegant and modern. It can be fully personalized and can be made in several different colors.

3. Gilded Geometric Wedding Invitations

The Gilded Geometric model has an elegant and aristocratic vibe to it despite its simple geometric design. With the black outer edges and silver lines across the invitations, the invitation certainly stands out and may be the ideal model for such a special event.

2. Written In The Stars Wedding Invitations

Despite the overall dark design with the black background, the Written in the Stars wedding invitations is a cheerful and elegant model. The invitation features rose gold and silver accents as well as a gorgeous pattern with the night sky.

1. Retro Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

If you love travel, you will love the Retro Boarding pass model. It is one of the few wedding invitation that feels truly original. Designed to look like a boarding ticket, the invitation can be fully customized including the paper type it is printed on.

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