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Finley Dark Grey Upholstered Queen Platform Bed Frame

This blog post will provide you with information about a platform bed. Platform beds are great for those who have difficulty lifting themselves from a laying position or getting out of bed in general. The height of the bed is elevated, so that it is easier to get out of than an average sized bed.

A typical platform bed consists of four heavy duty steel support slats (usually one inch by three inches) that are spaced eight inches apart from each other. Larger slats are recommended for heavier individuals. The frame of the bed is usually constructed from hardwood, often oak or pine. The wooden frame is typically constructed of solid hardwood and consists of two pieces that attach together with pins. The wood used to construct the bed frame is usually two inches thick, ensuring that the bed will not collapse under the weight of an overly large individual.

Some platform beds are pre-made, while others require assembly by an individual who has at least an intermediate level knowledge of this type of furniture construction. The instructions that come with the platform bed should be read prior to assembly, as there is usually a set of instructions included in the box.

Pros of Finley Dark Grey Upholstered Queen Platform Bed Frame

Platform beds offer many advantages over a standard bed. This type of bed is easier to get out of and is a great choice for someone who has difficulty doing that on their own. The height of the bed makes it easier to get up, which can be even more difficult for an old or infirm person. The height of the bed also offers greater cushioning, which can make sleeping much more comfortable.

Cons of Finley Dark Grey Upholstered Queen Platform Bed Frame

A platform bed is not a good choice for those who want to transfer into the bed easily. The height of the bed complicates getting in and out of the bed. Even though the platform is higher than a standard bed, it isn’t too high to get in and out easily. The height is also great for individuals that have difficulty getting up when they’re lying flat on a regular sized bed.

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