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How To Use Wood Patio Chairs As Home Decor

Wood patio chairs are often overlooked as a source of home decor. However, with the right touch, these chairs can be beautiful and functional additions to any room in your house. Here is a list of seven ways to use them.

1. Chair Bed

If you don’t have a guest room, or if your guests have pets who like to sleep on the bed with them, a chair bed is a perfect compromise! Remove the fabric from your chair and replace it with a fitted sheet folded in half. Use industrial strength Velcro to secure it around the frame of the chair. Cut a pillow in half and put one half inside each side of the chair back. You can even use an old comforter to make a quilt for your makeshift bed! This will give your guests their own space while still allowing them to spend time with their furry friends.

2. Dining Room Bench

A wood patio chair makes an excellent bench for your dining room table. Use two chairs instead of one and cover them with fabric and foam padding from an upholstery store. This will give you extra seating for dinner parties and other large gatherings.

3. Outdoor Swing

Want to take advantage of the nice weather? Turn a wood patio chair on its side and attach it to your porch using a strong rope. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the breeze!

4. Ottoman

This is a great way to get additional storage space in your living room or bedroom. Simply remove the seat cushion from a wood patio chair, place a lid on top, and cover it with fabric to match your room’s decor. Voila! Storage space that also doubles as a footrest or coffee table!

5. Stool for the Kitchen Island

If you have a kitchen island but no stool nearby, try using a wood patio chair! It will give you extra seating at mealtime or allow guests to sit while you prepare dinner or drinks. The best part is that they’re simple enough so that they won’t clash with any other decor in your home.

6. Bookshelf

Have a lot of books and nowhere to put them? With a little bit of effort, you can turn wood patio chairs into unique bookshelves that will add personality to any room in your house. You need some paint or varnish, decorative paper, string or twine, glue, scissors, nails or screws, a hammer, and your favorite books!

7. Display Stand

If you’re looking for a place to display plants or artwork, look no further than a wood patio chair! The legs on these chairs make them perfect for elevating objects off the ground.

Final Word

Wood patio chairs are ideal for use as home decor. They are both versatile and practical, have a classic look that will never go out of style, and can easily hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use. This blog covers ways to use wood patio chairs.

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