Top 10 Recommended Hotels

There are thousands of hostels worldwide but only a few standouts among the rest. Here are the top 10 recommended hotels or hostels that will get you excited for that next big adventure.

1. Backpackers Hostel K's House Kyoto

Just a walking distance from JR Kyoto station, this hostel is a backpacker’s best option while visiting Japan’s Kyoto Prefecture.

2. Backpackers Hotel Toyo Osaka

Osaka is the food capital of Japan and staying in the city can be very affordable, especially when you choose the budget-friendly Backpackers Hotel as your home away from home.

3. Kunming Cloudland International Youth Hostel

The best thing about this hostel is that it offers a sunbathing terrace and a picnic area to its guests. Kunming is a place where you can enjoy the spring season all year long and this hostel is a great place for comfort in the city.

4. Kunming Upland International Youth Hostel

If you’re looking to stay in the best location while in Kunming, then this hostel is the place to go as it is situated right in the heart of the city.

5. K's House Mt.Fuji

Situated in the beautiful town of Kawaguchiko, K’s House is one of the best places to enjoy the view of the iconic Mount Fuji.

6. Golden Gobi

Whether you’re traveling solo or with children, the Golden Gobi is your best option when visiting Mongolia’s enormous capital. It provides its guests convenient access to all the top destinations in the city and tours on a budget are offered as well.

7. Glow Worm Accommodation

Franz Josef is the gateway to Glacier Country in southern New Zealand and Glow Worm is a perfect place that offers 24-hour access to a kitchen-lounge area which is a great thing considering the destination’s remote location.

8. Cool Bananas

It is an excellent place to stay in Agnes Water where guests can get continuous good vibes while enjoying Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

9. Celtic Tourist Hostel

Galway is The City of Tribes and discovering its history doesn’t require one to break the bank especially if you choose to stay at the Celtic Tourist Hostel.

10. Shanghai Blue Mountain International Youth Hostel

When in Shanghai, have a comfortable stay at the Blue Mountain and choose the deluxe standard room to get an amazing view of Suzhou Creek which is a body of water that passes through the Shanghai city center.

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