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Twin Over Full Stairway Bunk Bed With Storage And Stairs For Kids


This is a bunk bed with stairs attached that can be found under the twin over full bunk bed. It provides extra storage and the stairs leading to it perfectly accommodate children and adults alike. This model is ideal for those who have restricted space in their home or are looking for a way to create more floor space in their room. It is an ideal solution to the problem of preventing children from jumping from one bed to another. With the stairs, this can easily be avoided, and physically challenged individuals will also find it easier to access their beds when using this bunk bed set.

The Reason to Buy This Bunk Bed

1) It is a practical solution to the issue of children and adults alike falling from one bed to another when they reach out for something from the other.

2) It is an ideal solution for those with limited space as it provides them with more floor space.

3) It comes with a storage and chair that can also be used for additional storage.

4) It is useful for children with physical disabilities, as it allows them to access their beds more easily.

5) It can be easily installed and removed.

How to take care of this Bunk Bed

1) This can be easily cleaned; just wipe it.

2) It is a metal frame, so it is prone to rust. If it does rust, use a wax-based polish or mop and towel to clean it.

3) The frame is simple in design and easy to assemble. However, ensure that you follow the instructions carefully before starting on assembly.

4) Ensure that you have properly secured the bed with its furniture components before going ahead with the installation of the bunk bed.


It is an excellent addition to any child’s room. The stairs provide the child with privacy, and it also means that there is no problem with storage and no risk of kids accidentally falling onto their beds. It can easily be installed and removed for easy storage or if you want to move it from one home to another.

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