8 Instant Cameras From Polaroid

Polaroid instant cameras bring back instant photography with new models that come in bold colors and vintage designs. To aim, shoot, and print your memories, here are the latest instant cameras from Polaroid.

1 Polaroid Go

The smallest instant camera Polaroid has released. Because of its size, you can bring and keep it in the pockets of your bags when you travel. It also comes with a pocket-sized film to match the camera size. Though it looks vintage, it comes with a self-timer when you need to take selfies.

2 Polaroid Now

Slightly bigger than the Polaroid Go, Polaroid Now has an autofocus feature similar to regular cameras. It comes in seven bright colors and the iconic black and white models. The concept of this camera came from the 70s when taking photos is effortless.

3 Polaroid Now+

This instant camera is perfect for those who want to shoot and print while revealing their creative side. It can be configured with different modes and additional creative tools.

4 Polaroid 600

This is a refurbished model from the 0s until the 0s. The boxy camera has a close-up lens and a foldaway flash good for taking photos even when you are close to your subject. The Polaroid 600 comes in different types that suit every photography need.

5 Polaroid SX-70

This model is the first instant SLR camera that was released to the market in 1972. It can be folded down to pocket-size and still works as good as new, even refurbished. It comes in vintage colorways such as black, silver, and brown.

6 Polaroid 600 Impulse

This is an instant camera equipped with binocular grips, a large viewfinder, and a flash. It uses 600 films that are designed to print out vintage photos.

7 Polaroid SLR 680

The Polaroid SLR 680 is considered to be the greatest instant camera Polaroid has ever made. It is built with Sonar Autofocus to make photo quality sharp. This camera uses a single-lens reflex for users to take accurate photos.

8 Polaroid SX-70 With Flashbar

This camera made instant photography possible. It uses a MiNT SX-70 flash bar for clearer photos even in low light or night photography. Each piece on this camera is designed to be collapsible so you can keep it in your jacket pocket wherever you want to shoot.

These instant cameras from Polaroid are designed to capture and print photos within seconds. Whether you like a modern instant camera or a vintage one, you can expect quality photos from Polaroid.

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