Four 1 Year Play Kit You Can Get Your Child

Try these four 1 Year Play Kit products to support mental and physical development.

1 The Babbler Play Kit

The Babbler Play Kit contains just about everything your child needs to learn about important concepts, such as spatial relationships, rotation, cause and effect, and more. There’s the slide and seek ball run, felt bunnies, a flexible wooden stacker, puzzles, a coin bank set, a bedtime board book and guide for babies aged 13, 14 and 15 months. Their motor skills improve the longer they spend time with this play kit.

2 The Pioneer Play Kit

A must-have for parents who want the best 1 year old toys for their child. This playkit is all about discovering new things and textures, as well as managing coordination and beginner physics. Your little one will build up dexterity and strength and find out about motion, gravity and changing directions. The whole set includes a race and chase ramp, a garden puzzle, a board book, a bead kit and drawstring bag, a stacking peg board, a bug shrub and the requisite play guide.

3 The Realist Play Kit

The best play set for children aged 19-21 months, the Realist Kit gives your child a crash course in future subjects, such as motor skills, concentration and counting, among others. He or she can tinker with a mechanical lock, enjoy the count and slide chute, figure out a shape puzzle and more.

4 The Companion Play Kit

A great starter toy collection for your one year old, this play kit supports basic concepts such as spatial relationships, tools for transferring items and bilateral coordination. Included is a wooden posting stand, a mosaic button board, a board book, transfer tweezers and stars, an animal match set, drawstring bag, a unique buckle barrel, chunky jigsaw puzzle and a play guide.

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