8 Vitamix Blenders That Are Worth Spending Money On

When you hear the name Vitamix, you know what to expect. Vitamix is considered some of the best blenders you can get due to their durable construction and practicality. While you may have to pay a premium for their products, you do get a product that is greatly superior to most other blenders. The only challenge is to pick the right model for you. Here are 8 examples of great blenders from Vitamix.

8. Vitamix Immersion Blender

If you do not want a regular blender, you can get the Immersion Blender. It is a compact hand blender that makes it easy to prepare food directly in the pot. With metal construction and adjustable speed, the blender is not only durable but easy to use as well.

7. Vitamix Professional Series 750

As the name would suggest, the Vitamix 750 is part of their professional line of products. While it may not be considerably more expensive than their regular blenders, it does offer a few extra features. The blender has multiple built-in blending programs and adjustable speed and it is very easy to clean.

6. Vitamix ONE™

The Vitamix ONE is inspired by the brand’s most iconic model. It was redesigned to be slimmer, easier to use, and much more practical. While the size has been reduced, the blender still offers the same reliable power and capacity.

5. Vitamix Ascent A2500

The Ascent A2500 is a good choice for almost everyone. It is one of their mid-range blenders that does a bit of everything. The blender has a large capacity container as well as a 2.2 HP motor and adjustable speed. Made to be easy to use, the blender is both practical and convenient.

4. Vitamix 5300 Series

If you want a more serious blender and do not mind spending a bit extra, the 5300 series can be a great option. It is a premium-grade blender with high-quality construction, durable parts, and a powerful motor.

3. Vitamix A3500 with Stainless Steel Container

The Vitamix A3500 blender is one of their special blenders that comes with a stainless steel container. Using a stainless steel container ensures that you can prepare both hot and frozen foods or beverages without causing any damage.

2. Vitamix Ascent A3500 Series

The regular version of the A3500 does not include the stainless steel container. However, it offers the same reliability and features but for a lower price. The model includes a large container, multiple program settings, and an intuitive touch interface.

1. Vitamix A2300 Family Pack

If you are looking for a complete package and saving some money in the process, the A2300 Family pack is an interesting proposition. The pack includes Vitamix and several accessories for their blenders. Buying them individually is considerably more expensive.

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