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A White Accent Cabinet That Brightens Up The Space

Cabinets have existed even before the rise of the Industrial Period. Its primary function has always been to provide generous amount of storage and has proven to be an essential piece being incorporated in a space. As time evolves, the function of a cabinet has also evolved from just a piece of the room that stores things to becoming an accent piece as well.

The Brisa Bright White Accent Cabinet with Double Elliptical Door is a good addition to any room or space that you want to brighten up. The clean white finish of the cabinet combined with the use of glass for its doors is perfect for a room that’s going for a contemporary look, a minimalist look, or even a modern French Country look.

One of its features is its double elliptical glass doors made from tempered glass. A good example of the principle “Form follows Function”, this accent cabinet does not only serve as a storage for those Fine China Tableware Sets or any other tableware sets that you have, but it also lets you display them in a nonconventional way. What’s good about this cabinet though is that you can not only use it as a display cabinet in your dining area, but you can also use it as a console table in your Foyer or Receiving area.

This white accent cabinet does not only serve its visual purpose as an accent piece but it is functional at the same time. The adjustable shelves it has is quite perfect for when you need to store things that vary in different heights.

A sleek and functional addition to your space that adds visual impact and brightens the overall ambience. The neutral white color blends in with almost any color scheme you have in mind for your space.

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