Characteristics Of MAC MACStack Mascara

MAC MACStack Mascara is the newest innovation from a company who brings you everything from cutting edge makeup, to beauty products that revolutionize how we feel about ourselves. This mascara eliminates clumps quickly and has a unique brush to lengthen those eyelashes with minimal effort. This is not your everyday mascara that will make you look like you just rolled out of bed, but rather one that will make your lashes pop with an all day wear.

It’s perfect for work where you need a quick application, as well as evening events where it’s important to have your best face on.

Characteristics of MAC MACStack Mascara

1. Instant definition and lash separation

MAC MACStack Mascara is formulated with an innovative formula that instantly defines your lashes while separating them and adding length. The brush is designed to focus on the outer and inner corner of your eye while simultaneously making it easy to target those bottom lashes. You’ll be so taken aback by how quickly this mascara makes your lashes pop that you won’t want to take it off.

2. Get the look of endless lashes with Lash Injection Technology

The unique brush head is filled with a translucent liquid called Lash Injection Technology (LIT) which maximizes the amount of product you use for your unique, defining look. This technology allows the formula to glide on so smoothly that you might forget you’re actually wearing mascara. It also helps with separating each lash while delivering a light look that will still last all day and into the night.

3. “Lengthening, sculpting and defining with non-clumping formulas”

MAC MACStack Mascara is known for its ability to lengthen your lashes while giving you the definition you’ve been looking for. A few swipes of this mascara will leave you stunned and ready to take on the day or evening. The formula itself is extremely long lasting and holds your lashes in place all day long. This mascara is formulated with a unique wax/gel formula that provides each lash with maximum separation while adding length without causing clumping or flaking. You need only a few coats to create a dramatic look that will last from morning until night.

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