Who Should Get Cozy Gifts

Cozy Gifts are for those who love the feeling of being wrapped up tight on a cold winter day. These gifts fit a variety of personality types and budgets and are perfect for that friend or family member who loves cuddling up with a blanket and hot chocolate, wrapped in their favorite sweater.

who should get Cozy Gifts

1. Cutest girl in school

This girl is the cutest girl in school, she is sweet and loving, but does not take any crap from anyone. She has an array of sweaters that are perfect for a winter’s day, and could easily use more. Pick out matching hats or scarves to go with her sweaters for extra points.

2. The couch potato

This guy or gal would rather be on the couch watching TV than doing anything else in life. You can tell what shows they watch based off of their extensive collection of throw pillows and blankets on their couches. These people also tend to be a bit overweight, so be sure to include some healthy snacks with your gifts.

3. The fashionista

This girl or guy wears the most expensive clothing, but won’t wear anything that is too over-the-top. He/she likes to show off his/her wardrobe with accessories like scarves, hats and gloves. Make sure to include a scarf or hat of their favorite color with your gift.

4. The movie buff

This friend of yours loves movies, music and television and will spend hours making their own playlist on Spotify or iTunes. Their walls are covered with posters from all the popular films they love, they also tend to be a bit nerdy and read books from their favorite series all the time.

5. The water/snow baby

While others are skiing, snowboarding or sledding, this girl is soaking up the heat in a pool or hot tub. She wears sweatshirts that practically drown her and only gets out once in a while. This girl also appreciates some sort of winter accessory and would like your best bath sponge with their gift.

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