Characteristics Of Mini Alidia Baguette Ring

Mini Alidia Baguette Ring is a unique piece of jewelry that will make a perfect accessory. It is a delicate ring, with a twist of three baguettes that are set in the center and beautifully curved around one another. The Mini Alidia Baguette Ring is perfect for those who appreciate unique jewelry that they can pair with any outfit they desire.

Characteristics of Mini Alidia Baguette Ring

1.Small size, elegant and charming

This ring’s length of the briolette is about 3mm, width is about 0.78mm at maximum. It is delicate, but not too small. The baguette-cut diamonds are just the right size to allow for a small but elegant design to be made from three baguettes.

2.Dazzling shine of diamonds

Each diamond on this ring is certified by IGI and HSI, so the quality of this ring can be guaranteed. There are eighteen round brilliant cut diamonds in total, and they have G color, VS clarity and excellent cut grade with Brilliance grade of good (high). This ring will give you a dazzling shine as it catches every ray of light when you wear it. It is a piece where you can feel the real value of a luxury diamond.

3.Different styles for stacking rings

You can stack this ring with other jewelry, such as ring, earring, necklace or bracelet. Or you can wear it by itself. Your choice! Wear it in your hand, on your finger, at the middle of your arm, on the side of your wrist or more simply as a plain ring. You can choose what is most comfortable and stylish for you to wear this ring. It won’t restrict your gestures and movement like too many rings often do. It will be an everyday accessory that goes with everything you wear from top to bottom!

4.Brand new, Made in USA

This ring is made by Mini Alidia and it is designed by their design team. It is made in the USA by skilled jewelers and designers. You can fully trust the quality of this ring. This ring will be delivered to you as a brand new piece of jewelry with superior quality! We only sell high-quality jewelry, so there will be no disappointment when you receive it at home!

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