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Farmhouse Wood Hanging And Floor Displayed Memo Board

Memo boards are such a useful and practical decoration. Most people use them to post notes, quotes, and pictures they enjoy. But have you seen one of these rustic memo boards? That’s right, this is not your average memo board! This wood mounted wall hanging is perfect for the country home that needs some rustic flair in the design. And since it’s easily attached or removed without leaving any holes behind, you can change it up to match your mood or decor!

The memo board comes with 12 hooks installed on the back of it- making it easy to hang on a wall. Or you can take the board off at any time and use it as a floor standing memo board! So you aren’t limited to one type of display.

It measures a total of 15 inches by 10.5 inches when mounted on the wall, or 12.5 inches by 17.75 inches when placed standing up on the floor. And once again, this item is made from reclaimed wood. So it’s both vintage looking and eco friendly!

This country design is a great way to display memories. You can use it to show off pictures, photos, and all your favorite things in the home. It’s such a unique decoration that you’ll be sure to garner some attention. Guests will love walking up to your new memo board and checking out the various pieces of memorabilia on it!

This decorative memo board is perfect for the homeowner who loves rustic designs, mixed with a little bit of vintage flair.

Product Details

Can be mounted to the wall or placed standing on the floor.

Measures 15 inches by 10.5 inches when wall mounted, and 12.5 inches by 17.75 inches when placed standing on the floor.

Made from reclaimed wood that has a distressed look and feel to it.

Has 12 hooks attached that are made out of metal and designed to hold paper or fabric items with or without push pins!

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