Features Of Motive Modular Crossbody Pouch

Motive Modular Crossbody Pouch is the ultimate solution for modern women. This pouch is designed to be carried across the body, transforming into a crossbody bag with two webbed straps that can be adjusted in length and worn on either shoulder or over the waist. The front flap opens to reveal a small zipper pocket for your phone and enough room for your essentials like lipstick, credit card, and keys. Motive Modular Crossbody Pouch has plenty of space efficiently packaged into one compact package making it great for travel or everyday use.”

Features of Motive Modular Crossbody Pouch

1. Elongated crossbody strap.

This innovative strap on Motive Modular Crossbody Pouch is made of webbed webbing material, which can be adjusted in length to be worn on either shoulder or around waist like a belt.

2. Small zipper pocket with zipper puller.

A zipper pocket keeps your phone and other important items secure, while easy access allows for quick grab when you need it most. The pouch is deep enough so that objects will not fall out from its side even if the bag is turned upside down.

3. Unibody construction with multiple pockets.

The pouch has two main compartments, three zippered pockets and one document pocket. The zippered flap that covers the zipper pocket has an embossed Motive logo to make it more elegant and attractive.

4. Fabric is water-resistant, durable and washable.

Motive Modular Crossbody Pouch is produced from a durable fabric that provides water resistance and is designed to be washable for everyday use.

5. Perfect for the modern woman.

This bag is designed to fit your daily needs, whether it is for business or casual use, the appearance and function of this bag have been carefully designed to make you feel like a million bucks.

6. Its color and elegant print will match your style!

Motive Modular Crossbody Pouch has a lot of room inside with two main compartments and three zippered pockets that can hold various items you need at work, on the go or any occasion at home. It comes in different colors with Motive embossed logo on its front flap.

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