Features Of Rafa II Apron Toe Bit Loafer

Rafa II Apron Toe Bit Loafer is one of the most popular shoe-producing brands. The company was founded in France in 1952, and since then it has been producing men’s and women’s footwear all over the world. Rafa II Apron Toe Bit Loafer also has a modern factory that produces in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

Features of Rafa II Apron Toe Bit Loafer

1.Good quality

This shoe has high quality leather uppers and lining, and it is also made from leather sole. The leather is soft, smooth and durable. The shoe has classic shape, the foot section can well fit your feet.

2. Working Class Shoes

This shoe has classic style with middle top design, the upper part of apron style shoes will provide extra support to the strike of foot when you are walking or running. The perforated holes make our feet ventilated and comfortable at the same time, even in summer time you still feel good when wearing these shoes. The soles have anti-fingerprint design on their back which is convenient for keeping floors clean during daily walking or working out time.


This shoe is made with exquisite and stylish colors, one pair of shoes have the same characteristics of a pair of shoes which no other production company can do. This shoe has good quality, competitive price and very good service.

4.Special Offer for You

If you are interested in this products and you want to get the best price, please contact us and Patricio will help you. We will arrange the best price for you according to your country location, also we will show how we could send the goods to your home or office via Royal Air Mail or EMS as soon as possible after payment. We know that you have a tight schedule, so we are trying our best to help you and give you more time to enjoy this pair of shoes.

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