Regular Fit 4-Pack Supima® Cotton T-Shirts


Supima® cotton is the highest grade of cotton that can be grown in the United States. It’s considerably more expensive than regular cotton, and therefore it makes Supima® tees cost a pretty penny. They are among one of the most expensive items you’ll find at your local store — unless you know where to shop!


1) It’s the highest-quality cotton available.

2) The fabric is a blend of two different cotton weaves and has an unmatched softness.

3) It’s pre-shrunk, meaning it won’t lose its shape (in case you want to fit a little better than normal).

4) It’s wrinkle resistant and can be easily washed and dried without losing its shape.

5) It’s stronger than cotton, so it won’t shrink if you wash it in hot water.

6) It’s also flame resistant because it has a lower moisture absorbency than other fabrics.

7) It has a natural resistance to fading and shrinking, making it ideal for work environments such as offices or retail stores.

How to take care of it

1) Wash it often! It’s a good idea to wash your favorite t-shirts in warm water.

2) Choose colors that don’t bleed. For example, blue, gray and white won’t fade as much as other colors like red, green and yellow.

3) Avoid washing your clothing with harsh detergent or bleach. You can also use vinegar or baking soda as a natural alternative to softeners such as traditional fabric softener or dryer sheets.

4) Use mild detergent and cold water to wash your clothing. For example, start your wash cycle at 30-degrees Celsius and turn it down to cold.

5) Hang up your favorite t-shirt after it’s been washed, leaving it in the air for a couple of days to allow the smell to disperse.


Supima® cotton is an extremely popular fabric among consumers. It has a superior feel, superior durability and superior washability.

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